Amazon’s Luna game streaming service arrives on Samsung’s 2022 smart TVs and monitors

Amazon’s game streaming service, Luna, is launching on Samsung’s 2022 smart TVs and monitors today. Luna will be part of the Samsung Gaming Hub, which includes services like Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. Samsung launched the gaming hub in late June, with the Xbox TV app exclusive to Samsung’s 2022 smart TVs and monitors.

Amazon Luna’s launch inside Samsung’s gaming hub means Samsung now has every popular cloud game streaming service on its latest smart TVs and monitors. “With the addition of Amazon Luna, we now offer over 1,000 games to play instantaneously on Samsung Smart TVs, making Samsung Gaming Hub the number one destination to stream games,” says Mike Lucero, Samsung’s director of product management for gaming.

Amazon Luna officially launched in the US earlier this year after initially being offered as an invite-only “early access” program in fall 2020. Unlike Stadia or GeForce Now, Amazon Luna subscribers pay monthly for access to various bundles of games (channels, as Amazon calls them). There are various channels, starting at $4.99 per month, and a rotating selection of free games on the Prime Gaming channel.

Amazon Luna includes more than 250 games and is also available on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Fire TVs and tablets, and iOS and Android. Samsung Gaming Hub’s controller passthrough tech will allow Amazon Luna to support any Bluetooth controller or the regular Luna Controller.

Amazon Luna is available now inside the Samsung Gaming Hub, and Luna users can link their profiles to the Samsung Gaming Hub to start streaming Luna games to their 2022 smart TVs or monitors.

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